BONUS: Tsubasa Map

Here’s a new bonus for Hands Held in the Snow: the long-awaited Tsubasa map!

The whole continent from the story is here for you to see. The bulk of the story, of course, takes place in Balarand, but there’s lots of political tensions in the air. The Tsubasa map will help you understand the world a little bit better while you read, hopefully! I’ve included a normal parchment map and a political map for reference on the borders (as of chapter 1).

There’s a lot of little details in the map, even stuff that doesn’t appear in the book itself. So I hope you’ll give this map a close look. And if you’re reading through, remember to reference it often!

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Click for full size
Click for full size

(You can also see 4K-size versions on the Quinlan Circle Patreon 🙂 )

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