Art Gallery

Here is an art gallery page featuring all the Hands Held in the Snow artwork by Mikayla Buan.

Warning: This gallery will contain spoilers for the story.


Chapter 1: Their Story
Chapter 8: Sitting Together
Chapter 14: An Evening in Balarand
Chapter 18: Making the Most of It
Chapter 25: Literally in Her Arms
Chapter 28: A Letter: Runa Arakawa
Chapter 33: Tomorrow
Chapter 34: The Winter Ceremonies
Chapter 41: Gonda Shopping
Chapter 44: On the Trail to Mammoth Pass
Chapter 46 – Mammoth Watching Extravaganza
Chapter 50: Let’s Talk.
Chapter 57: On Fire
Chapter 62: All Her Will
Chapter 65: I Love You For Right Now
Chapter 69: Departures
Chapter 70: And That’s Their Story

Other Art

Christmas 2019 sketch

There might be a fan art page someday… If that ever happens, make sure to check back here and there’ll definitely be a link to it! (I really hope people submit Hands Held in the Snow fan art!)